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October 2011: The community is on hiatus and membership requests are no longer being considered.

Our Vision for this Community

Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.

The village of Waymeet lies at the crossroads where the Great East Road branches north to Little Delving and south to Longbottom and Sarn Ford. This village appears on Tolkien's map of the Shire and in early drafts of The Return of the King as Waymoot, though the name was later changed to its modern spelling. The meaning is the same in either case, since the roots of both variations are the Old English ge-mót (a meeting or coming together) and weg (a way, a road, a path commonly used).

Hence Waymeet is a place where, as Tolkien says of Bree, wanderers and other folk pass "to and fro through that ancient road-meeting," bringing strange customs or news of distant lands. We hope that our community will serve a similar purpose for those with an adventurous spirit, and while some may travel "there and back again" by the same way, others will choose to follow a new path.

The maintainers have journeyed with the books (and the movies) to places we might never have visited without their guidance. We would love to share our further explorations of the books' meaning and purpose in the company of friends who cherish a similar vision.

Canon Sources

We accept works based on or inspired by The Lord of the Rings (book and films), The Hobbit (book and films), and relevant volumes of The History of Middle-earth (i.e. Vols. 6 through 9 and The History of the Hobbit).


We have chosen to restrict the community's purview to those genres which delight and move us as individuals and as a group of like-minded friends. We therefore welcome Fictional Person Slash and General stories wherein hobbits play the central roles, and Real Person Slash and General stories featuring hobbit actor pairings or hobbit actors. All story ratings are welcome, from G to NC-17, and stories may be 'canon', AU or crackfic (please see the Rules for further details).

The community does not accept stories which involve interspecies, hobbitpiles, hobbit actor piles, or het pairings (except where the latter are present in canon and then only in a secondary role). For further clarification on this or any other issue, please e-mail the maintainers at We won't bite!


Members who are also artists may respond to a challenge with art rather than with fiction. Art includes graphic art (drawings, lithographs etc), painting, and photo manipulations. Genre and pairing rules, as stated above, apply to art. Artwork may be rated G to PG-13.


Waymeet seeks to provide a companionable meeting-place for those who harbour diverse interests and perspectives as well as a willingness to rub shoulders with fellow travellers. Membership is available to those with some experience as writers, an ability to work well with others, and an enthusiasm for this project and for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Please read the profile page and the rules carefully before clicking to request membership. Membership will be restricted to adults 18 or over.

We would ask that watchers and readers be similarly aware of this age restriction. All adult material will be clearly marked.

October 2011: The community is on hiatus and membership requests are no longer being considered.

Rules for members may be found here.


Waymeet is a challenge community. Challenges will be issued on a regular basis and will be suitable for all genres and ratings. There will be no attempt to make writers depart from their customary genres, although we would be delighted if some decide to explore new paths. RPS writers might like to try FPS, for example, or vice versa. It will not be incumbent upon members to participate in every challenge, and no memberships will be revoked due to non-participation. However, the Waymeet community is, at least in part, a writers' workshop, and its members post here out of love for the subject and a desire to grow as writers. We hope that all members will be generous with their feedback and contributions to the ongoing discussions even when they are unable to otherwise participate in challenges.


The mods will not tolerate the slightest whiff of discord or flaming on this community. We reserve the right to screen or delete inappropriate comments. IP addresses of anonymous commenters are logged. We do not like orcs or trolls.

Watchers and Readers

Many in the LotR community contribute actively to other genres or pairings, and many--whether artists, writers or passionate readers--have helped foster a sense of common purpose with their kindness, their constructive feedback, and their love for the source material. Although Waymeet is a writing community, it extends a welcome to all watchers and readers. It invites and encourages them to share in the discussion of stories, writing-related issues, and whatever else may emerge from our common interests as the community unfolds.

To watch waymeet, please click the 'monitor community' person icon on the small toolbar, then click 'add' on the next page. Adding a community allows you to read the community's public posts on your friends page, but commenting is open to everyone--members, watchers/friends and non-LJ readers.

Please join with us and raise a pint as we gather together in Waymeet. On with the challenges!

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